Staff Members

In addition to significant contributions by colleagues at each institution, there are four IPLC positions whereby a person working on behalf of the partnership is employed by one of the member institutions but their salary and related program expenses are shared by the partnership.

Galadriel Chilton, Director of Collections Initiatives. Photo by Robert Lisak

Galadriel Chilton, Director of Collections InitiativesAdministrative Institution: Yale

As the Director of Collections Initiatives for the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, Galadriel collaborates with the Collection Development Group and serves as the principal planner, project manager, and negotiator for initiatives related to the development, management, and use of collections in all formats. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at Berea College, and holds a master in library science from Indiana University, and master of arts in educational technology and instructional design from San Diego State University. Additionally, she has taught e-resource management and licensing classes for University of Wisconsin iSchool. Presently, she is working with Ivy Plus Libraries to explore the narrative behind library collection use and how libraries apply collection analysis to user-centered and data-informed collections management.

Photo by Robert Lisak

Ginny Boyer, Director of Discovery & Resource Sharing InitiativesAdministrative Institution: Princeton

As the Director of Resource Sharing & Discovery Initiatives for the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, Ginny oversees resource discovery, resource sharing, and other strategic related initiatives for the IPLC. Her work improves how IPLC share collections with each other and the world by developing priorities in the area of resource sharing and discovery, and facilitating relevant IPLC groups working within these service areas. As the Project & Portfolio Manager for resource discovery and sharing Ginny's work promises substantial positive impacts on the use of IPLC collections at large. Ginny joins the IPLC following her appointments as the Managing Director of the Open Library Foundation and the Managing Director for the Open Library Environment. In both capacities, Ginny served as the primary administrator of each organization, working to oversee the strategic success of each. Prior to these roles, Boyer worked in Software Development & Portfolio Management for the Duke University Libraries. With over ten years of experience working in academic libraries and higher education, Ginny has broad experience and working knowledge of the academic library enterprise. She holds a Masters of Information & Library Science from Florida State University as well as a Masters of Software Engineering from East Carolina University.

James Robinson, BorrowDirect Program ManagerAdministrative Institution: Princeton

As the BorrowDirect Program Manager for the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, James partners with library staff and service providers to manage, support, and improve the BorrowDirect resource sharing service. James comes to IPLC from the Partnership for Academic Library Collaboration & Innovation (PALCI), where he oversaw member support initiatives and organized and supported PALCIā€™s EZBorrow resource sharing service and practitioner community. James has spent the last seven years building, managing, and growing resource sharing tools, programs, and communities for academic libraries and consortia. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Ball State University and his Master of Library and Information Science from San Diego State University.

Miranda Siler, Web Collecting Librarian

Miranda Siler, Ivy Plus Web Collection LibrarianAdministrative Institution: Columbia

As the Web Collection Librarian for the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation, Miranda oversees the Web Collecting Program, working with the Web Collecting Advisory Committee and selectors from across the IPLC to capture and give access to at-risk web content. Previously, Miranda has worked as a Web Archiving Technician at the Frick Art Reference Library, Research Assistant at the Semantic Lab at Pratt, and Archives Graduate Assistant at the Pratt Institute Archives. In 2022, she will receive her MS in Library and Information Science and MA in the History of Art and Design from Pratt Institute.

Emily Uruchima, Bibliographic AssistantAdministrative Institution: Columbia