Affinity Groups

Connected by discipline, area of focus, or expertise, IPLC colleagues establish affinity groups when they reach out to one another and begin conversations around best practices and information sharing. Currently, each affinity group communicates and connects in a manner that works best for their group, and meetings are typically adjacent to a conference relevant to the affinity group’s purpose.

  1. Academic Business Library Directors
  2. African Studies
  3. Archives & Records Management
  4. Art & Architecture
  5. Communications
  6. Conservation
  7. Copyright Law & Policy
  8. Development
  9. Digital Scholarship
  10. Discovery
  11. East Asian Libraries
  12. Institutional Repository
  13. Latin American Studies
  14. Medical Libraries
  15. Music
  16. Preservation
  17. Research, Teaching & Learning
  18. Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies
  19. Streaming Video
  20. Heads of Science & Engineering Libraries
  21. Western European Studies