Crossing the Zone of Ambiguity: The Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation’s Dataset Feasibility Study — Processes & Practices for Cross-Institutional Collaboration by Ken Peterson and Galadriel Chilton

At the 15th annual ER&L conference (March 2020), Ken Peterson, Dartmouth’s Associate Librarian for Access & Collection Strategies at Dartmouth College, and Galadriel Chilton, IPLC’s DCI shared how 6 IPLC libraries of diverse sizes completed a project on time and under budget. They described how the team found their way across the zone of ambiguity,… Read more »

Open Source Data Visualization for Resource Sharing by Heidi Nance and Joe Zucca

In order to better understand scholarly use of a vast collective collection – both within and without our 13-library confederation – the Ivy Plus Libraries Confederation is leveraging MetriDoc, an open-source framework devised by a library for libraries, to create a generalizable data analysis infrastructure and visualization service. MetriDoc gathers, normalizes, and presents BorrowDirect consortial… Read more »

First Bring Cookies: Reflections, Tools, and Tips on Evolving a Partnership of Academic Libraries by Galadriel Chilton and Heidi Nance

Through stories, outcomes, and examples, IPLC’s Director of Collections Initiatives and Director of Resource Sharing Initiatives presented their tips, experience, and practices for enabling and building collaboration at the 2019 Association for College & Research Libraries – New England Chapter (ACRL-NEC) annual conference. Read more at:

Yale Participates in BorrowDirect Pilot for Special Collections

Last October Yale University Library and five other Ivy Plus Libraries participated in a pilot program to share scans of special collections materials at no cost to BorrowDirect Libraries. BorrowDirect is an unmediated library resource sharing partnership encompassing thirteen Ivy Plus academic institutions Before the pilot, interlibrary loan (ILL) requests for scans of Beinecke materials… Read more »